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Son’s Healing Strengthens Mother’s Faith

When her son became sick, Anushka took him to the doctor and then praised the Lord when he recovered. When her boy fell ill again, this time with a more daunting prognosis, Anushka’s faith was tested. Could God—would God—heal her son again? Plagued by Sickness It almost seemed easy when Fajar, the younger of Anushka’s two sons, became sick initially. […] Read more »

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Shy Boy Finds Haven in After-School Program

Ever since Zakif was a boy of just 6 years old, GFA-supported Bridge of Hope center was like his second home. Now, at the age of 13, he is a testimony to the center’s important work in benefiting the children, families and communities it serves. When he first began attending Bridge of Hope, Zakif suffered from poor health. His family […] Read more »