Lonely Man Revived by the Turn of a Dial

Kvanh grew up in a harsh mountain climate, toiling away alongside his family to cultivate land for their livelihood. Unable to go to school, Kvanh spent his time studying religious books with…

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A radio program about Jesus reached the lonely Kvanh as he sat in his shop waiting for customers. He found hope in the message, and when he met a GFA-supported national worker, Kvanh felt he was meeting a friend.

Concerned Believer Prays for Dying Widow

Carina watched her neighbor Sahana walk down the road to clean yet another house. Sahana’s frail frame hardly looked capable of helping in someone’s home, yet the determined—and desperate—young woman pushed herself…

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These ladies from Women’s Fellowship pray for a woman’s healing, just as Carina prayed for Sahana during her illness.

No Longer Held Back

Cahel’s diagnosis came back: The 28-year-old man had type 1 diabetes., which requires patients to take insulin injections quite frequently—something Cahel could barely afford. Debilitating Disease Cahel lived with his wife, Abani,…

Cahel and his wife, Abani (both pictured), received a bicycle and grass-cutting gear, which have been instrumental in getting them back on their feet financially.