Caring for the Least of These

food being given out by bec
Gospel for Asia (GFA) workers packed food items to give to people, such as Jarbai, to help them get through the pandemic.

Jarbai spent a typical day catching fish and crabs from the local river to sell at market. Her son worked as a daily laborer, supplementing the money from Jarbai’s daily catches. While meager, the earnings they pulled in were just enough to survive—at least until the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hunger Amidst Crisis

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, many countries imposed a nationwide lockdown. Families already trapped in poverty, including Jarbai’s, could not work, and no work meant no food. Millions went to bed hungry, night after night.

The threat of starvation, mingled with the threat of COVID-19, left cities, villages and communities in fear. However, GFA workers across Asia did what they could to help combat this double threat of hunger and sickness.

After obtaining the necessary permission from local authorities, Gospel for Asia (GFA) workers in Jarbai’s area sought families particularly at risk of hunger and brought them packets of food. Over the course of several weeks, these faithful workers divided, packaged and distributed thousands of pounds of dry goods, such as rice, potatoes, onions, dal, oil and soap, to families in need.

“My son works as a daily laborer and I catch fish and crabs from the river to sell, but due to the lockdown we cannot do this.,” explained Jarbai. “The food items are a great help for me and my family. I am happy and thankful to [the church] from the bottom of my heart.”

The Grateful and Thankful

Other recipients joined their voices with Jarbai’s, adding their thanks.

“I am happy and thankful that [the church] stood beside me and provided food items for me and my family so we can be sustained during this lockdown,” says 52-year-old Meherbai.

One man, Gajinder, turned down the food package, despite coming from a poor background. He told the workers to give it to a family worse off than him.

“I am happy that my [church] will stand and always be there to help the helpless,” he said.

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