Knowing She Is Loved at Last

widow experiences God's love through GFA pastor
Kinnari was left all alone after her husband’s passing, but she experienced the love of God transforming her heart and life.

Kinnari’s alcoholic and belligerent husband, Mahvandad, had just passed away from liver damage. The couple had no children and no relatives nearby; at 59-years-old, Kinnari was alone.

No Love in Their Marriage

Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Brirar had met with Kinnari and Mahvandad several times the three years before Mahvandad passed away, seeking to bring harmony and peace to their marriage, but the couple ignored Pastor Brirar’s counsel. Little love dwelt in their household, and nothing Pastor Brirar said could change their ways. Nothing he said could change Mahvandad’s alcoholism. Nothing changed, until Mahvandad was gone.

When the pastor heard of Mahvandad’s passing, he and some members of his congregation visited Kinnari. The new widow didn’t expect Pastor Brirar to show up at her home, and she certainly didn’t expect him to offer to lead the funeral service.

The widow had no one else to care for her. She was left to fend for herself. Why would these Christians care for her so much? Why would they show such love to her, even though she was of another faith and had never shown much interest in them?

Eyes Opened to Christ’s Love

After the funeral service, someone invited Kinnari to church services. Pastor Brirar and members of his congregation also took time to visit Kinnari, providing encouragement and comfort for the bereaved widow.

One day, Kinnari remembered a Scripture passage the pastor had shared with her about how God loves and cares for His people.  And the next time Pastor Brirar visited, he said, “We are not alone in this world. God is with us in every situation, and He always guides us.”

Now, Kinnari understood why these Christians showed her love. They wanted her to understand she wasn’t alone—not when her husband passed away, not ever. She was loved by God, the same God who loved Pastor Brirar and his congregation, the same God who was with her no matter what she may experience—and she wanted to live in that love forever. That same day, Kinnari opened her heart to the Lord.

Kinnari continued attending services, worshiping along with her fellow believers and rejoicing in God’s unfailing love.


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