Illness, Poverty Lose Their Hold on Praying Family

GFA's christmas gifts help provide income generating gifts for people in need
Similarly to the man pictured, the goats gifted to Darsh and Kayan are a tangible reminder of God’s physical and spiritual provision.

For five long years, Kayan languished, suffering from an unknown illness that confined her to her bed. As she lay helpless, her and her husband Darsh’s financial situation plummeted, and the family found poverty knocking at their door. Kayan’s desolate physical state left her family struggling to meet basic needs and wondering if they had been cursed.

Dwindling Funds, Dwindling Hope

Visit after visit to various hospitals brought no improvement to Kayan’s health. The doctors’ visits and prescribed medications only served to drain the family’s wallet. Furthermore, fervent prayers to deities of their traditional religion did not change Kayan’s condition. The family began to lose hope that she would ever recover, and Darsh worried about how to secure the money needed to care for his wife and support his family.

One day, Darsh described the family’s increasingly desperate situation to his sister-in-law Neetu, a believer. Neetu responded with the hope found in God’s Word—telling of God’s power to heal and to provide—and she prayed for Kayan’s health. Neetu began to regularly visit Kayan’s family, continuing to share with them God’s promises and pray for their situation. Kayan eagerly awaited Neetu’s visits, drinking in the Good News of God’s Word like a sponge. Neetu’s visits and prayers also brought Darsh comfort.

Physical and Spiritual Provision

Neetu recruited her local church, a congregation led by a Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor, to pray for Darsh and his family as well.

Slowly, Kayan began to regain her health and strength. She began talking and sitting up in bed. Hope grew within the family, and peace flowed through their home.

Neetu’s church also met the material needs of the family, gifting them with a pair of goats through GFA’s Christmas gift distribution program. The goats birthed two kids, which Darsh sold, using the money to provide for his family’s needs. The goats will continue to support the family for years to come.

“The [church] has been a great blessing for us,” Darsh said. “As a family, we are grateful to the church for helping us in our times of trouble.”

Darsh and Kayan continued to grow in their relationship with Neetu and in their desire to learn about God. They began to attend church with Neetu and gained the eternal gift of a personal relationship with God.

Their youngest daughter, wanting to learn more about Jesus, went to a Bible college and later served there as a staff member.

Thanks to the faithful prayers and generosity of Neetu and her church family, the lives of Kayan, Darsh and their daughter have been forever changed. Rather than preparing for a future of constant illness and poverty, the family now looks toward a future filled with hope and the blessings of God.


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  1. Ian

    I am so thankful for GFA. It may very well be your prayers for my financial and my marriage relationship situation that has lifted me up from a very dark place emotionally and spiritually.
    God, it seems, has never let me down.
    I spring of this year a few word’s came to my mind, thus: “the joy we get from our friend’s and those whom we love, may be equal to our giving”.
    Thank you

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