Piglets Displace Poverty for Family of Nine

Rearing pigs is very profitable for villagers, but many cannot afford the price tag. This woman, like Tabor and Yamika, was gifted a piglet which will grow and give birth to multiple piglets, establishing financial security for decades.

Every day, Tabor and his wife, Yamika, labored in the fields, tilling, picking, watering, coaxing the earth into producing enough vegetation to live on. Each day their hands toiled to fill the bellies of their seven children with food.

Tabor explored every avenue available to him to increase his income to better provide for his family. But as each attempt fizzled out, Tabor’s frustration boiled over. He desperately wanted to provide a better life for his family and send his children to school, but failure stalked Tabor, and his family remained in poverty.

One day, Tabor and Yamika met Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Nachum, who shared the love of Christ and encouraged the struggling family to entrust their worries to Jesus. As Pastor Nachum spoke of Christ’s faithfulness and His wondrous works, the words of hope lifted their heavy hearts.

Hearing about the family’s struggles moved Pastor Nachum. Tabor’s determination was admirable, and his desperation was heartbreaking. Wanting to help the family, Pastor Nachum arranged for Tabor’s family to receive a pair of piglets at a GFA gift distribution. This act of love stunned Tabor and Yamika, whose poverty had only ever earned the scorn of others. Relieved to have help in their troubles, the couple and their seven children gleefully walked home with piglets wiggling in their arms.

Piglets and Peace Multiply

Pastor Nachum continued to reach out to the family, who were eager to know more about Jesus, the God who cares for the poor and needy. The family began attending services at Pastor Nachum’s church and found hope in the messages shared and community with other believers.

Over time, the pair of piglets grew and had five offspring, each worth the equivalent of a month’s income. Excitement hovered in the home as the piglets grew, and with them anticipation that they would eventually produce piglets of their own. This multiplying gift established a continual source of income for the hard-working parents.

Piglets were not the only blessing to enter Tabor and Yamika’s family. God’s wonderous provision for their family replaced poverty with peace. And not only had their outward lives blossomed because of God’s gift, but their inner lives were transformed.

“I am so thankful to Pastor Nachum, who came to our family as a blessing,” shared Yamika. “If we had not met him, we would not have known the love of God and the blessing of Christ.”

The family of nine thrives under God’s peace and provision. Empowered to support his family, Tabor can now enjoy life with his children knowing that he is fulfilling his God-given role as husband and father.


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