Listener Praises God for Radio Program

This letter is from a listener of Gospel for Asia Radio. It’s only one out of a million pieces of correspondence GFA Radio receives each year that shows how God is working through this invisible—but powerful—missionary. Greetings to you in the precious name of Jesus! I am Amir. I’m 30 years old and come from a nominal Christian family. I […] Read more »

Mother’s Journey Back to God

It didn’t seem fair to Tamasi. She loved her baby daughter and thought she’d get to see her take her first steps, graduate high school, get married and have children of her own. She wanted to spend years and years seeing her little one grow up. Instead, she and her husband were only given five short months to shower love […] Read more »

A Young Boy’s Suffering

Ahsan’s parents abandoned him. His abusive, alcoholic father ran off with another woman, leaving Ahsan’s mother, Sanita, to pick up the shattered pieces of their lives. Sanita was left alone to provide for and raise Ahsan and his older siblings. She started to work as a laborer in a paddy field, but Sanita often fell sick and couldn’t work. With […] Read more »

Letter from a Widow

My name is Chahna. I am 35 years old, and I am a widow. I have a small family. My older son is 20 years old, and my daughter is 19. She recently married. Ten years ago, my husband died. Soon after his death, it was difficult for me to run my family smoothly. But I did not lose my […] Read more »

Power of a Whispered Prayer

Pastor Gopal Raj saw Sana sitting on her verandah. When she started to walk toward the Gospel for Asia-supported pastor, Gopal stood shocked. Could this be the same bedridden woman he visited just three weeks ago? The same woman who refused to let him pray for her healing? When Sana approached the pastor, she told him that even though she […] Read more »

Sewing Machine Reignites Cold Faith

There just wasn’t enough money for Ranita and Paul to keep studying when their parents and four other sisters were starving—so they dropped out of school. Ranita and Paul started farming to add to the little income their parents were earning, but it still wasn’t enough for their family of eight. Because of this, their relationship with God suffered as […] Read more »

“Why Did this Happen to Me?”

Out of fear and hopelessness, Karun and his family fled their home in Mizoram, India, after a group of Mizo people burned down their house. Being part of the Reang people group, Karun was often a target for abuse. For years, the Mizos and the Reangs have been at odds with each other, each firing accusations of murder, rape and […] Read more »

The Life and Times of a National Missionary

Sudhir Ahluwalia’s family loved the Lord, but he didn’t. Growing up in a small village of South Asia, Sudhir didn’t have any interest in knowing God. He spent his teenage years chasing after things of this world and becoming wrapped up in a life of sin. But in 1997, a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor befriended Sudhir and began sharing the […] Read more »

Gospel for Asia Press Release: Dirty Water Claims 9,000 Lives Every Day

FOR INFORMATION, CONTACT: Taun Cortado 972-300-3120 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   CARROLLTON, Texas, March 18, 2012—Roughly 884 million people in the world today still do not have access to clean water for their simplest needs. In fact, it is estimated that less than one percent of the earth’s water is even suitable for drinking. This lack of clean drinking water results […] Read more »