A Cart to Carry Her Vegetables

Madhurima Banerjee knocked on yet another door. She stood with a bamboo basket filled with fresh, green vegetables balanced on her head, waiting for someone to open the door and buy the goods she carried. This was how she earned her living. Every day, she went door-to-door selling vegetables, and every day the load became heavier and heavier for her […] Read more »

2012 Issue 2: Secure in the Slums

Features: Secure in the Slums ‘We Found a Treasure’ Hands of Compassion   Departments: Conversations Our Community Resources Pray Profile Five Minutes With K.P. Read more »

Leaving Behind His Mischievous Ways

Little Uday watched his father waste away his own life with drugs, alcohol and gambling. The family’s money went to fund his father’s addictions—until he walked out, leaving Uday’s mother struggling to take care of the family. She worked every day from morning ‘til night, hoping to earn enough to give Uday and his little brother a good education. The […] Read more »

Using Shampoo for the First Time

Tears of thankfulness welled up in little Ayaan’s eyes as he held his new gift in his hand. It was a bottle of shampoo, something Ayaan had never used before. The Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope staff at his center had given him a little bottle to keep up his hygiene. Ayaan used to go to school with matted […] Read more »

Neela practices her newly learned writing skills during the Women’s Fellowship literacy class.

No Longer Ashamed

A Gospel for Asia Women’s Fellowship organized a literacy class to teach and encourage women how to read and write. Twenty-nine women from five local churches attended the class. One woman named Neela, 40, said she lived in shame among her neighbors because she was illiterate. “In my life, I have never been to school and never had the chance […] Read more »