No Matter What the Neighbors Say

Woman prayingWhen Udaya’s husband died suddenly, she didn’t know how she would make it as a single mom—and her neighbors readily affirmed this doubt.

Udaya used to attend church with her husband, Talin, and their three children. She had even decided to follow Christ. But when Talin fell sick and died, Udaya gave up on everything but basic survival. And as she internalized her neighbors’ discouragement, she lost confidence to do even that.

In Bondage to Fear

She began to fear everyone and everything, and her children helplessly watched her mental stability fail. Taking her neighbors’ advice, Udaya even resorted to witchcraft as a solution for her problems, but the rituals only multiplied her fears.

Every day her condition got worse—until her pastor heard what was happening.

Pastor Chahel was sad to hear of Udaya’s problems, and disappointed that she had turned to witchcraft rather than to Jesus. He went to Udaya’s home and reminded her and her children that Jesus loved and remained faithful to them in all circumstances.

Pastor’s Prayers Bring Freedom

Udaya and her family regretted their lack of faith and reconfirmed that they would follow Jesus, even in the hardest times. Pastor Chahel prayed for them. And he continued praying and fasting for Udaya after he left, until all the fear had fled.

Now Udaya knows that no matter what the neighbors say, her God will take care of her. Though her husband is gone, she will never be alone.

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