Honoring the Widows

Woman with scarfAt the end of her life, with her children grown and years of hard work to her credit, a South Asian widow rarely receives the love and respect usually reserved for elders. Because of her husband’s death, she is seen as a curse, and her grown children often ignore her needs.

Realizing the unique pain this causes, Pastor Barnabas’s fellowship decided to hold a special event for elderly widows.

The believers invited women from nearby villages as well as their own, and more than 150 people gathered to celebrate the 48 widows who accepted the invitation.

Each widow received a headscarf, a true honor to women who had been soundly disregarded for years.

“I am really happy and thankful to Pastor Barnabas, because for the first time in my life, I am receiving this special gift,” said Sadhvi, a 97-year-old widow. “No one had given me one before.”

After distributing the scarves, three women from local churches shared from the Bible, expressing Christ’s love for them and sharing how they could follow Him.

“I came to know that there is someone who always cares about people like us,” said 75-year-old Laabha. “He is the Lord Jesus Christ.”

The widows left with joy in their hearts, and the church is already praying about what they can do next to show God’s love.

See how a widow’s testimony of God’s love can change the lives of those around her.


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