A Place to Call Home

WidowThe new hut offered little more than four walls and a roof, but Naamagal was plenty grateful to have that for a night. At 56 years old, she had raised two children, but she lived as if she had no family at all.

Like many South Asian widows, Naamagal had lost any semblance of a normal or safe life after her husband’s death. Her children offered no help, and society saw her as a curse.

Each day presented the new challenge of finding work. As a wage laborer, she earned just enough for food. And without a house of her own, Naamagal was always on the move, completely dependent on those merciful enough to offer her a roof for the night.

Alone and unaware of what each new day would bring, Naamagal used to think of ending her life—it wasn’t as if anyone would miss her. One day, however, she heard someone calling for her outside her hut.

Prayers, Provision and Peace

Naamagal invited the married couple into her borrowed home, though she didn’t even have a chair to offer them. The husband, a Gospel for Asia pastor, happily sat on a piece of log and introduced himself as Omprakash. He had heard about Naamagal’s troubles and wanted to tell her about the love of Jesus.

As the pastor talked about his merciful God, Naamagal began to open up about her problems, her eyes filling with tears as she shared her story. With sympathy, Pastor Omprakash prayed for her, and for the first time, Naamagal felt true peace.

After that day, she began attending church. She chose to embrace Christ and started both reading the Bible and praying each day.

When she unexpectedly received a small piece of land where she could build her own home, Naamagal knew it was her God who had answered her prayers.

“There are many parents who are left behind without love and care,” Naamagal says, “but I thank Jesus for loving me this much. Today I am no longer worried in my life because Jesus is with me.”

Naamagal may still be a wage laborer, but with her own small hut now, she knows she has a place to call home—both for now and for eternity.

Learn more about the plight of South Asian widows and how God is bringing them hope.

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  1. Angela Harding

    His Kingdom is coming one person at a time

  2. Anna Elizabeth Hart

    Beautiful story.

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