Putting a Roof over Her Head

Lopa could not get well. She couldn’t afford proper treatment for her ongoing infections and sicknesses, because she was a widow working as a day laborer. The longer she went without medical care, the worse her condition became until she wasn’t able to go to work at all.

It seemed that there was nothing for Lopa to do, until she heard about a Gospel for Asia pastor whose prayers were very powerful—so powerful that when he prayed for sick or demon possessed people, they were healed.

Lopa visited Pastor Sitanshu’s church and shared her troubles with him. She told him that she had been suffering for a long time, but Pastor Sitanshu assured her that if she trusted in Jesus, He would be the One to heal her.

Pastor Sitanshu prayed for Lopa’s healing, and sure enough, her health began to return. She was even able to go back to work. Having seen how good and merciful Jesus is, Lopa decided to follow Him with her whole heart.

Making the choice to live for Christ did not come without painful consequences for Lopa, though. Her family members disowned her because of her new faith, and they ordered her to leave their household. Eventually, their persecution drove her out of the community.

Despite the sadness and tears that came from no longer having a family or a permanent place to live, Lopa continued to daily ask the Lord provide for her. God answered her fervent prayers through Gospel for Asia’s Christmas gift distribution ceremony at her church. She was given the materials to build a small tin house she could call her own.

Lopa does not live with her family anymore, but she now knows the joy of being a part of God’s family. And although her home is nothing big or impressive, she sees it as another miracle and blessing from God in her life.


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