Widows Find Hope on Mother’s Day

Widow in Asia“Twenty-four years have passed since my son threw me in this old-age home. He has not yet come to see me.” —Chairavali Dahal, a South Asian widow

On the outskirts of a South Asian city, 12 women between the ages of 58 and 82 live in a home for the elderly. Deserted by their families when they became too burdensome or too unwanted, none of the women had had visitors for years. That changed on Mother’s Day this year.

A Women’s Fellowship group came to the home with woolen shawls, packets of fruit and, with the home director’s permission, the Good News. The group read the Bible, prayed with the women and led them in songs about God.

The residents were touched by the group’s compassion. They said some people had visited them and offered gifts, but they never hugged or talked to them.

One of the residents, Chairavali, had lived with her son after her husband died, but her daughter-in-law treated her very badly until the couple finally decided to put Chairavali in the home. After 24 years, her son still hasn’t visited her.

“My eyes are already dried up, and there are no more tears [left to cry],” Chairavali said.

Enthralled by Christ’s Love

She and another woman had previously heard the Good News, and Chairavali was enthralled by it, especially the story of the woman who had been bleeding for twelve years. She was moved to hear “how Jesus Christ affectionately looked at her, healed her and washed away all her sins.”

The atmosphere of the home, however, is heavily influenced by a traditional religion, which made it difficult for her to go to church.

When the Women’s Fellowship group came to visit, Chairavali and the other women were excited to have the church brought directly to them instead. Now, though their families don’t visit, they know they can have a new, heavenly family that will love them into eternity.

Sadly, Chairavali’s story is not uncommon. Find out how you can pray for widows like her.

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