Tormented Widow Given New Life

Oditi found hope through a national missionaryOditi had seen her husband in the grips of demonic attacks and suffering from a serious illness that ultimately led to his death. Suddenly, she was a widow with young children to care for on her own, but after her husband’s funeral service, a demon possessed Oditi too.

Oditi quickly became out of control and no longer acted like herself. She regularly roamed around her village naked and began drinking heavily. She did not even remember to take care of her small children, who were starving and had resorted to searching for food wherever they could find it.

Meanwhile, Oditi attempted suicide several times, but a neighbor always saved her before she was successful.

Local Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Devnath regularly prayed for Oditi throughout this time. Full of compassion for the struggling woman, Devnath longed for her to be delivered from the grip of the demon inside her.

“In Christ you have life,” Pastor Devnath explained to Oditi one day. “He loves you more than anybody else in this world does.”

Pastor Devnath continued to ask the Lord to deliver Oditi, and her condition improved as the days went on. Seeing the way God was working in Oditi’s life, Pastor Devnath was motivated to pray for her even more fervently.

Eventually, Oditi made the decision to put her life in God’s hands, as Pastor Devnath had encouraged her to do. The Lord miraculously released her from the possession of the demon and healed her from her addiction to alcohol.

Pastor Devnath rejoices for Oditi’s changed life and continues to pray for her. He hopes her life is an encouragement to many people in her village who need to know the love of Christ.

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