Widow Hosts Film Show, Reaches 50 Neighbors

Widow invites neighbors to film ministryTanaya didn’t have much, but Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Niranjan and the film team visiting the area weren’t looking to make a profit when they offered to show her family a film about Jesus. They only wanted the chance to share the Good News and pray for them—and Tanaya’s family could certainly use prayer.

Tanaya’s husband, Chakradev, had fallen sick years ago, robbing their family of its breadwinner and filling their home with the hardships poverty brings. The film team’s message of hope and their prayers for healing were greatly needed, and soon Tanaya’s family began attending Pastor Niranjan’s church.

The worship services filled the family’s hearts with a peace they hadn’t experienced before. Tanaya and her daughter, Olikodi, embraced this new peace wholeheartedly and put their trust in Jesus. Soon after they did, though, Chakradev succumbed to his illness and died, leaving Tanaya as her family’s only hope for survival.

No One to Trust but Jesus

Where peace had just begun to reign, discouragement set in. Despite Chakradev’s years of illness, his death had been unexpected, and the loss became a test for Tanaya’s new faith. She had three children to care for, two of whom were in school, and no way to pay for anything.

Pastor Niranjan visited the family often, consoling and strengthening them through God’s Word. They didn’t know how God would provide, but gradually, they began trusting Him again. Then Tanaya found work that covered their needs.

Inviting Others to Learn

Seeing the spiritual growth in Tanaya and her family, Pastor Niranjan brought the film team back to the village for another screening. Again, they showed the film in Tanaya’s house, but this time it reached many more people than Tanaya’s family.

Tanaya’s neighbors were deeply moved by the film’s message, and more than 50 people chose to follow Christ that day.

“This film has changed our lives,” said one neighbor. “Now we will call on the name of this God in our lives.”

In one night, Pastor Niranjan found 50 new people to visit, but the pastor didn’t stop there. The film team still had more time in the area, and Pastor Niranjan used it to visit many more villages, bringing the message of hope to those most needing to hear it.

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