Aimless Wandering Brings Widow to Missionary

WidowAfter Dyumna’s husband passed away, she lost the ability to think clearly.

She distanced herself from her three sons and their wives by wandering from village to village. Month after month, she roamed with no purpose.

One day, after a year of this behavior, Dyumna wandered into a village far from her own. There she met Gospel for Asia (GFA) missionary Jivin, who turned out to be from her same village.

Jivin, knowing about Dyumna’s mental illness, brought her to his home so he and his wife could pray with her. They invited her to stay with them, which she did for several days.

After Dyumna’s first night in the missionary’s home, six local pastors came to pray for her healing. The pastors prayed faithfully for five days.

At last, Dyumna began to come back to her senses. She was able to understand and recognize who the pastors were.

Although Dyumna’s body was weak, her mind was gradually restored by God. Seeing the Lord’s work in her life, she decided to trust in Christ and live her life for Him.

Because of the amazing change in their mother’s life, all three of Dyumna’s sons and their wives realized the love of Christ and soon joined the body of believers, too.

Dyumna is no longer disconnected from her family because of confusion or grief. They all joyfully worship the Lord together, and they continue to be restored by Him.


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