Widow Wishes She’d Heard of Jesus Sooner

Widow and family now have hope - Gospel for ASia - KP YohannanAmari became a widow three years ago at just 37 years old. Her husband, Selvan, was attacked with witchcraft and became seriously ill. Amari and Selvan tried to get help from doctors and performed many rituals and sacrifices for Selvan’s healing, but it was all in vain and he passed away.

Since Selvan had been the family’s only source of income, his death meant Amari had to take his place and become a daily wage worker to support her three children.

One day, however, Amari became very sick and unable to work. She was in so much agony her cries could be heard from outside her home. Manisi, wife of a Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor, heard her anguish and went inside to find Amari lying on her bed moaning in pain.

When Manisi asked what had happened, Amari said it was her stomach and explained she had tried medications, but they hadn’t worked. Manisi read God’s Word to comfort Amari and also prayed for her healing.

The Good News Manisi read touched Amari’s heart. She had never heard anything like that, and she decided to trust in Jesus as her God and Healer.

“If my family had a chance to know about Jesus Christ three years ago,” Amari told Manisi, “My husband would not have died, and he might be alive today.”

Manisi continued to visit and encourage Amari often.

“Now, as I have come to know about Christ, I have to live for the sake of my children,” Amari told Manisi.

Soon, Amari’s health started to improve, and she was able to go to church along with her two daughters and son. As they have continued going to church, their faith has been strengthened, and they have all chosen to trust in Jesus.

Amari’s faith has grown so much she is able to testify, “I am glad, even though I’m alone to support my children, because now I have found a new friend, Jesus, who will help me.”

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