Someone to Understand

RT12-00054-2How would she care for her children? How would she provide for their needs? Would she be forced to beg? Or worse?

As Taanusiya processed the news of her husband’s sudden death, she didn’t have time to block the onslaught of questions.

Today Vadiraj had died, but tomorrow their two young children would still need to eat. With no close friends or relatives to help her, Taanusiya was certain of one thing: They would all die if she didn’t think of a plan soon.

Determined not to beg, Taanusiya found work as a daily laborer, gardening or fishing according to the season. She earned enough to survive, but had little time left over to properly raise her children.

No Longer Alone

Taanusiya often wished she had a friend to sympathize with her and share her troubles, but as the years passed, she only became lonelier. Her daughter married, her son found his own work and Taanusiya continued the same daily struggle.

But one day, a group of women missionaries came to visit Taanusiya. They talked with her and told her all about the love of Jesus.

Taanusiya was delighted to finally have someone to listen. The women truly cared about her.

“For many years, I was longing for someone to talk to me and understand my struggles,” Taanusiya said. But now with regular visits from the women missionaries, Taanusiya doesn’t feel lonely anymore.

After years of pain, Taanusiya can see the love of Christ through the care of her new friends. Now she can know true hope.

See how widows like Taanusiya can find freedom from poverty—and receive new life.


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    that was very sad.Wish I could help

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