Widow Embraces Christ’s Love

Widow Embraces Christ's Love - Widows OutreachAt 33 years old, Ramini had two sons to care for and the lifelong curse of being a widow after her husband’s death.

Being widowed in South Asia usually means a woman is no longer valued in her community. Widows are often blamed for their husbands’ death, even if their husbands die because of alcoholism, as in Ramini’s case.

One day, Ramini ran into a group of Gospel for Asia women missionaries who invited her to come to church. Ramini attended their next worship service and even decided to go to their upcoming event honoring widows in the community.

At the event, which was held on International Widows’ Day, Ramini’s heart was stirred when she heard the message of hope from 1 Timothy 5:3 – 16 in God’s Word.

Fulmala, a Gospel for Asia (GFA) missionary, encouraged the group of widows by telling them God is their Husband and Father and will provide for all their needs when they trust in Him.

Through tears of gratitude, Ramini decided to trust in Jesus that very day. She was moved by the love of the missionaries and even more touched by the very real love of the Lord.


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