The Village of Widows

Woman MissionaryHundreds of women have endured the same fate as they waited for their husbands to bring home fish, wood or honey from the forest—but they never came home. The men went on long expeditions into the forest to provide for their wives and families, but they ventured too deep into the tigers’ domain. They were mauled and killed by the beasts.

If losing a husband due to this type of tragedy were not enough cause for distress, the now-widowed women are often banished from their own communities and are forever viewed as burdens and curses to society.

These women who have lost their husbands—and their homes—have gathered together in a cluster of small islands. One island in particular is now called the Widow’s Village.

Gospel for Asia missionaries have taken action in sharing the Good News of Jesus with the ladies of Widow’s Village, and other similar communities, on a regular basis. They share lasting hope with the women whose lives have been nearly destroyed by loss and grief.

Not only do the missionaries love the women on these islands daily, but they also desire to bless them in a special way on June 23, which is International Widows’ Day.

The missionaries have plans to reach out to different groups of widows this year. Special gifts like food, a new sari for each woman and even piglets in some areas will be given out. These gifts are tangible ways to remind the widows they are loved and honored by not only Gospel for Asia missionaries, but by God Himself.

See how widows have been blessed in the past by Christ’s love shown through missionaries.


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