Delivered from Darkness

Gospel for Asia woman missionaryChintav and Ranjita wanted nothing to do with Prateeksha, the Gospel for Asia missionary who had a habit of visiting them at their home and telling them about Jesus. Although Chintav and Ranjita responded to the woman missionary with mockery and opposition, Prateeksha continued to spend time with them and share words of encouragement from the Bible.

Prateeksha had every intention of winning their friendship and trust, and she would not give up easily.

One day Chintav suddenly became possessed by demons. He began acting strangely toward his family. He kept his tongue out of his mouth and also had a clear inability to think straight. Then his health started deteriorating rapidly. Ranjita was extremely worried and took Chintav to witch doctors for healing, but the mystics were not able to use their powers to release her husband from the evil spirits.

In the midst of her fear and discouragement, Ranjita remembered some calming words Prateeksha had shared with her and Chintav in the past. Ranjita asked Prateeksha to pray for Chintav, and Prateeksha saw this as an open door to share the Gospel with them once again.

After Prateeksha prayed for Chintav, the Lord freed him from the powers of Satan. Seeing God miraculously answer Prateeksha’s prayers softened Chintav’s and Ranjita’s hearts, and they then decided to follow Jesus.

The couple who once laughed at their local missionary now joyfully and faithfully worships the one true God with her.

Become  a part of what missionaries like Prateeksha are doing by praying for them.


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