Their Prayers Didn’t Heal Her

Bridge of Hope staff and a national missionary prayedIn a place where most families struggled to pay for even basic necessities, Rohit’s family was among the poorest. Rohit’s father had died years ago, leaving Rohit’s mother, Aabha, to singlehandedly provide for two children—one of whom suffered from chronic pain.

When Rohit was 8 years old, the local Gospel for Asia (GFA) Bridge of Hope center began helping out by providing him with an education, but his older sister, Nishi, couldn’t attend school or the center because of the crippling pain in her body.

For a long time, Aabha couldn’t afford to take Nishi to the doctor either. When Aabha finally saved up the money to do so, none of the doctors they visited could figure out what was wrong.

One day, a team from the Bridge of Hope center set out to visit several of their students’ homes, a regular part of their routine. When they came to Rohit’s home, they talked with Aabha who told them about Nishi’s mysterious condition.

The staff prayed for Nishi, explaining Jesus’ power to heal, and encouraged Aabha to take her daughter to the local church where Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Sandeep served.

Aabha took their advice, and at the end of the service, Pastor Sandeep and all the believers prayed for Nishi. Even at that, however, her condition remained the same, and Pastor Sandeep had to send the family home, just as the doctors had.

Pastor Persists in Prayers

Although Nishi hadn’t been healed after prayer at either her home or the church, Pastor Sandeep wouldn’t give up on the girl.

A few days after Nishi’s family had attended church, Pastor Sandeep visited their home himself and prayed again for Nishi. She still wasn’t healed, but Pastor Sandeep prayed again the next day and the day after that.

Days turned into weeks, but Pastor Sandeep stayed in almost constant prayer, crying out passionately on behalf of the girl. He continued for two months, then three, despite there being no sign of Nishi improving. After four months, God decided to move.

Nishi’s healing was sudden and radical. After years of pain, she received complete relief in just one day.

Due to the pastor’s fervent prayers, Nishi knew it was Jesus who had healed her. She gave her life to Him the same day, and now she attends church regularly, along with her brother Rohit.

As Nishi’s family remains in poverty, life is still a struggle, but without her physical pain, she can move about freely—and when she does, she has a story of hope to share.

See how God moved through the prayers of Bridge of Hope students to heal another child.

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