Practice in Prayer

Bridge of Hope studentEver since he joined Gospel for Asia’s Bridge of Hope, Hakesh has grown academically and spiritually. His family didn’t have much, but the staff helped Hakesh with his studies and invited him to worship the Lord at Sunday school. They even taught him to how to pray to Jesus.

Little did Hakesh know, but that last lesson would soon become vital to his survival.

Hakesh was 14 years old when he came down with continuous headaches and vomiting. The doctors diagnosed him with malaria and prescribed medicine, but it didn’t help. Even when the entire Bridge of Hope staff came to his home to pray, Hakesh remained ill.

In the midst of his sickness, though, Hakesh’s teachers encouraged him to trust in God, so Hakesh began to pray on his own. It was then that he came to a firm decision: “Until Jesus heals me, I will continue my prayer,” he said.

Just as his Bridge of Hope teachers had taught him, he prayed, “Lord Jesus, please help me and heal me.”

Although he had already been sick a month, Hakesh faithfully prayed every day, trusting Jesus to make the difference. When Hakesh woke up one morning without any pain or nausea, he knew that Jesus had indeed healed him.

He eagerly shared what the Lord had done with his classmates at the Bridge of Hope center. More importantly, though, he made sure his family knew the real cause of his recovery.

After seeing Hakesh suffer for months, his mother and brother believed that Jesus was his healer. As Hakesh continues in his studies, this knowledge has brought them one step closer to knowing Jesus themselves.

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