Pursuing a Dream

Swarup Swarup, a Bridge of Hope graduate, shares about his journey with the Lord and his desire for future ministry.

“My name is Swarup. I have eight brothers and one sister. My family is very religious. We have different kinds of gods and goddesses in my home, and I used to start each day by worshipping them. I would offer different things to satisfy them.

“My mother worked hard to give us a better education. When I was studying in the fifth grade, a Bridge of Hope center opened in our village. Those of us who lived in the village could see the good work of the staff members, which encouraged my father to enroll me in the center.

“I was privileged to study in the Bridge of Hope center for five years. Those five years were precious days for me. I have no words to express my gratitude to the leadership of Bridge of Hope.

“Bridge of Hope is not just to provide food and study items for the students, but the vision is to tenderly care for the children so they may not feel poverty or the lack of anything in their lives. They teach students the value of life and encourage them to be a channel of blessing in their village and nation. I feel proud for studying in Bridge of Hope.”

“While I was studying at the center, I became possessed by an evil spirit. Lomash, a local Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor, happened to visit my house and invited me to a gathering of believers.

“During the meeting, the power of God came upon me, and I was completely delivered from the bondage of the evil spirit.

“I was joyful to read the Bible and memorize verses from it. Day by day, I grew in the Lord.

“I had a desire to serve the living Creator, but I was unsure about where to begin and how to see my desire accomplished.

“One day Pastor Lomash had a talk with me, and I shared with him my plan concerning my future. He shared with me the importance of sharing the Gospel, and it touched my heart again and again. Every day I sincerely prayed to the Lord to open a way for me to go to Bible college. God heard my prayer and answered me.

“I shared my feelings with my Bridge of Hope teachers, and they were happy to help me. Even my unbelieving parents encouraged me to go.

“I am glad to be attending Bible college now, where I’m learning many new things and growing in the Lord daily.

“I believe God has brought me to the right place at the right time.”

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