‘Clean Hands Save Lives’

Global Handwashing DayContagious diseases and sicknesses have been known to regularly spread throughout South Asia, largely because hand washing is not commonly practiced among the people. Even where people are highly educated and schools are strict with their curriculum, hygienic habits are not taught with the same importance.

Seeing the need for hygiene education in their communities, Gospel for Asia (GFA) missionaries and staff members take the opportunity on Global Handwashing Day, October 15, to reach out to local people by sharing the importance of hand washing. In recent years, they’ve shown a short medical film explaining the ways hand washing can improve health and even save lives. After the film, villagers practiced what they had learned by washing their hands with soapy water.

Health Initiative Draws Crowd Despite Distractions

In one area where a religious festival was taking place, it was difficult for local villagers to notice anything but the loud music, large crowds and bright colors of the celebration.

When word spread about a free hygiene program offered by local Bridge of Hope staff, however, men and women were excited about the opportunity to learn how to improve their health.

The staff members held large group activities for children, and they also visited individual homes, enabling 2,000 people in one region alone to learn about the importance of washing their hands.

“They have done a great job,” said one participant. “We did not know these hand washing techniques and facts. This is something great in regard to health awareness.”

Students Respond with Enthusiasm

One Women’s Fellowship team organized a program at a school in their area, where they encouraged both the teachers and students to learn more about their health in regards to hand washing.

Everyone attending watched the hand washing video carefully. Afterward, the teachers thanked the women for taking such an initiative to educate them and the children.

“Clean hands,” the students shouted excitedly at the end of the program, “Save lives!”


Please pray for Gospel for Asia (GFA) missionaries and staff members as they prepare special events for this year’s Global Handwashing Day on October 15.

See pictures from past special hand washing events.

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