Not a Rupee More to Pay for His Healing

So sick, unable to get up - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanWater poured off the edge of the verandah while four Gospel for Asia (GFA) women missionaries, Lajja, Nakini, Supushpa and Kanta, sought shelter underneath its roof. They had just traveled to the village to share the Word of God with the residents when it began to rain.

Moments later, Prabhavati came outside holding her child and greeted the women, asking who they were. A little while into their conversation, Prabhavati invited them into her home.

When they got inside, the missionaries saw a sick person lying down, and they inquired about who he was. Prabhavati said it was her husband, Deependu.

Deependu labored in a factory and also maintained their paddy field. But for eight months he’d been suffering from extreme pain, which required him to stay in bed most of the time. Prabhavati had tried everything to bring him healing, using their small savings for treatment. Still coming up short, they sold their paddy field. They also tried going to a witch doctor but found no solution to Deependu’s condition.

The women missionaries shared some Christian literature with Deependu and explained the Good News of Jesus. Then they offered to pray for Deependu.

As soon as they prayed, Deependu experienced healing. The missionaries told Deependu and Prabhavati about the local Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor, Kripalu, who has a church nearby. They assured Deependu that, if he wanted, the pastor would come visit.

Instead, Deependu spent the next few days reading the literature the women had given him. Then he went to the pastor himself and shared about how God healed him. He fully embraced Jesus and thanks the Lord for taking away his illness without the use of money.

See how a Bridge of Hope student named Sagan prayed for another’s healing just like Lajja, Nakini, Supushpa and Kanta did.

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  1. Moses

    To God be the glory for the great things he is doing with and through you guys in Asia and I pray that he who hath sent you forth will continually be with you and daily encourage you to continue to honor him there in Jesus mighty name

  2. Marie

    Amazing news praise God

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