From Nighttime Terror to Sweet Rest

Sisters of Compassion reached out to her.The house looked like it had been deserted long ago; cobwebs filled the rooms, but Maalai, Safia and Tannishtha ventured inside anyway, pressing toward the mysterious moaning they had heard from outside.

The three women were Sisters of Compassion: national women missionaries specially trained to offer care in some of the most desperate communities. Whatever waited for them, they were ready.

Inside the house, Maalai, Safia and Tannishtha found a middle-aged woman covered in grime and lying on a bed. Her face was contorted, and she stammered as she told them her story.

Nightmares of Rape and Torture

The woman’s name was Omala. More than two years earlier, an evil spirit had attacked her and hadn’t left her alone since. Her mouth turned to the side, and her body became so weak that she couldn’t even stand, much less take a bath.

At night, she had nightmares that men had come into her room to torture and rape her. She could hear their laughter and talking through the night. After a while, she couldn’t sleep out of fear.

Omala’s husband had died earlier, so Omala’s son, Ilaiyavan, took over as the breadwinner. Splitting his time between work, school and his mother, it was easy to let the house fall into disrepair.

When Omala finished sharing her story, Maalai, Safia and Tannishtha told her about Jesus, how He died for her and could deliver her now if only she believed.

“Maybe God will hear your prayer today and heal me,” Omala said with tears in her eyes.

Rest for the First Time

At Omala’s request, the Sisters of Compassion prayed for her before they went home. When they returned the next day, Omala announced that she had slept through the night—something she hadn’t done in more than two years.

A few days later, the missionaries returned to clean the whole house and give Omala a bath. As they continued to visit regularly, Omala’s strength grew and her stammer faded.

Seeing Christ’s love in this miracle and in the sisters, Omala and Ilaiyavan decided to follow Jesus. They are growing in their faith through weekly Bible study with the women.

As for Maalai, Safia and Tannishtha, they continue to search for the difficult situations they were trained for and shine the light of Jesus’ love wherever they can.

What makes the Sisters of Compassion so special? Find out.

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