A Haunted Widow

Widow - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanEven the local missionaries knew the rumors about Tanuka: Her house was haunted and even she was under the control of an evil spirit.

The rumors weren’t entirely wrong.

At 70 years old, the only help widowed Tanuka received from her four grown and married children was a monthly stipend and occasional visits from her daughter. It was more than what many widows in South Asia receive from their children, but it wasn’t enough for the elderly woman’s needs.

Without anyone to care for her regularly, her house fell into disrepair, and she spent her days in dismal loneliness. At night, she was haunted by strange sounds that kept her awake in torment.

Ignoring the Rumors

Despite the rumors and realities surrounding Tanuka’s home, Gospel for Asia (GFA) women missionaries Idhitri, Zaafira and Kaberi decided to visit the widow. Tanuka was delighted to receive them.

When the missionaries asked if they could visit often, Tanuka told them she was in great need of company. As the women developed a closer relationship, Tanuka opened up about her family and the strange noises, so the missionaries began renting a room in her house.

Idhitri, Zaafira and Kaberi shared Christ’s love, prayed for Tanuka and assured her every night that if she trusted in the Son of God, Jesus Christ, “then nothing will dare to touch you, and you will not be tormented by any kind of evil forces.”

Sleeping in Peace

Over time, Tanuka realized the missionaries’ words were true. She didn’t hear the noises anymore, and she slept soundly through each night.

Tanuka’s children thought she had gone mad when she announced her decision to follow Christ, but she prays they will one day know the peace she now knows.

“I can sleep in peace now,” she told her missionary friends, “and it is all because of your love and concern for me. May the Lord bless you in your endeavor and continue to use you mightily for His greater glory.”

Today, June 23, is International Widows’ Day! Find out how God is using GFA missionaries in the lives of widows like Tanuka.

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