Sickness in the Family…Twice

pastor praying for young boy - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanBasanti lived with her husband and their three children in a community that believed their forefathers were the only connection to their god, and black magic was the cause of all their medical struggles.

One day, Basanti’s husband became very ill, and she turned to many witch doctors to get him healed. The witch doctors performed all the rituals, yet despite believing in their gods, Basanti’s husband remained stricken with sickness—and it eventually took his life. Troubles welled up around her as she now needed to care for her three children, alone.

As the days turned to years, Basanti saw her two daughters get married, and now only had her son, Swapnil, at home. Things were getting better until Basanti’s only son became sick. He began suffering from epileptic flashes at least three times each week. The possibility of losing her only son created great turmoil in Basanti’s heart. She tried everything to bring Swapnil healing, but nothing changed his condition.

Son’s Sickness Brings Good News

Heartbroken, Basanti told her Christian neighbors about her son. They shared with her about Jesus and His power to heal and assured her if she believed in Jesus, then her son could be healed.

“I do believe,” Basanti said. “I want my son to be healed.”

Immediately, the believers took Basanti to a Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor’s home where he shared the Good News with her.

Pastor Satyam shared that he and the entire church would pray for her son. Encouraged, Basanti brought her son and family to the church where the entire fellowship prayed for him. By God’s grace, Swapnil was completely healed and through this, Basanti and her family embraced Jesus’ love.

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