Tears of Concern

young girl once paralyze - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanAs a widowed mother caring for her five children, Mukta did as much as she could to make sure they had everything they needed. But when her 6-year-old daughter, Roshni, became paralyzed, Mukta was at a loss for direction.

Mukta took Roshni to a witch doctor, who performed many rituals and tried everything he could to heal Roshni, while at the same time depleting Mukta of 10,000 rupees. But Roshni’s condition did not change. Heartbroken, Mukta and her family sought help at many temples, but still their time was spent in vain.

Though Mukta had grown up faithfully worshiping her gods and goddesses, she became discouraged when they hadn’t helped her daughter. Roshni’s condition grew worse every day, and the entire family was hopeless.

One day, Mukta met Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Bhajan who shared of Jesus’ love with her.

“Jesus came to this world as a human being to save all mankind—irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, sex, language or place of birth—from their sin,” Pastor Bhajan said. “If you believe in Jesus, your daughter can be healed.”

Mukta then invited Pastor Bhajan to her home to pray for her daughter.

When they arrived at Mukta’s home, Pastor Bhajan prayed for Roshni. With tears, he earnestly asked Christ to heal her. Seeing Pastor Bhajan’s genuine concern for her daughter gripped Mukta’s heart. She wondered why someone—who didn’t know her family—would be concerned enough to cry out to God for them.

Within the next week, Mukta noticed Roshni could once again move her hands and legs. A month later, her daughter was completely healed. By seeing this transformation in her daughter’s life, Mukta fully embraced the love Jesus has for her and now regularly attends the fellowship.

Find out how more widows, like Mukta, are being shown the true love of Christ.

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