Faith by Hearing the Neighbor

Young boy in Asia - Gospel for Asia - KP YohannanBisaj Hansda and his family lived peacefully in their village, though it was separated from other villages and did not have adequate electricity or communication. He earned a living by farming while his wife stayed home, caring for their three children who all attended school. Bisaj’s family was financially stable and happy. They lived a good life until their youngest son, Tushar, became extremely ill. Surely, they would find a cure, but what if they didn’t?

Five-year-old Tushar was suddenly affected with jaundice and typhoid. His parents took him to a hospital where he went through several treatments, but they left with no improvement. They decided to take him to another hospital, yet Tushar did not get any better. Eventually, he barely had any strength to live.

Hanging on to a last bit of hope, Bisaj and his wife took Tushar to a witch doctor who performed rituals to bring him healing, but it was all in vain.

Bisaj and his family made their way home, broken hearted at the suffering of their child who was destined to die. When they arrived, Rudra, a neighbor who had heard about the young boy’s illness, visited them.

“If you believe in Jesus, He can do a miracle in your life,” Rudra encouraged them.

She then went on to share her testimony.

“When I was sick for two years, I did everything to get healed, yet I never got healing in my life. But when I came to know that Jesus is the Healer, I believed in Him and chose to embrace His love and began to pray for my healing. As a result of my prayers, God healed me completely. Having received healing in my life, I believe that Jesus can heal your son too.”

Then, with their permission, she prayed fervently for Tushar. She also invited the family to church.

The next day Bisaj and his family went to the church where they met Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Aashish Singh, who encouraged them from the truth of God’s Word and prayed for their family—especially for Tushar’s healing. Through Pastor Aashish’s persistent prayers, Tushar was completely healed.

This miracle inspired his entire family to respond to the true hope found in Jesus. Now, they continue to attend the church and are learning more about Him.

See how more families, like Bisaj’s, are experiencing the healing of Jesus through prayer.

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