Piece of Paper Brings Peace of Mind

Serena had nowhere to turn, and nothing had been able to restore her son’s health. The small piece of paper she picked up during a bus ride to a routine hospital visit seemed to offer some kind of hope for her family, though.

Kaamil, Serena’s only child, had been seriously ill since the day he was born. When the boy was very small, he would become sick regularly. Serena and her husband, Chahel, took Kaamil to a doctor, where he was diagnosed with a life-threatening blood disorder.

The only treatment option was for Kaamil to have blood transfusions every three months. All the money Chahel earned as a machine operator went to Kaamil’s treatments. The couple did everything they knew to do in order to keep Kaamil healthy; they took him to witchdoctors and many religious sites in search of a cure, but they were not able to find one.

Instead of getting better after months of medical treatments, Kaamil’s health got worse with each passing day. He lost his appetite and became very weak. Deeply worried for their son, Serena and Chahel were beginning to lose their ability to think clearly. They were desperate for Kaamil to be healed.

Hope Found in a Gospel Tract

It was in the midst of her desperation that Serena found the piece of literature that talked about the love of Jesus. Immediately after getting off the bus, Serena went to a payphone and called the phone number on the back of the paper.

Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Nishant answered Serena’s call and listened to her story. Then he asked Serena to come talk with him at the church. As soon as Kaamil’s appointment was over at the hospital, they headed to Pastor Nishant.

At the church, the pastor shared more with Serena about the things she had read about, and she decided to trust Jesus as her Savior. She believed He could heal Kaamil of his blood disorder.

When Serena shared with Chahel what had happened during the day, his curiosity grew, and the family began attending church together every week.

The next time Serena took Kaamil to a routine checkup, she was amazed to hear the doctor say there was no need to give her son a blood transfusion because his blood had improved so significantly.

Serena knew it was the Lord who had brought healing to her son. After receiving such promising news from the doctor, Serena and Chahel shared with Pastor Nishant what God had done for their family. Chahel embraced Christ, as well, after seeing the miracle He’d done in Kaamil’s life.

Kaamil is growing healthier all the time; his visits to the doctor are becoming much less frequent. With each day that passes, Serena and Chahel give thanks to the Lord.

See how valuable literature about Christ is to men and women in Asia.

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  1. Mickey

    All we need is faith like a mustard seed and our God will be and is faithful

  2. Johanna

    It’s so encouraging to the read the wonderful living stories. Our God is so Great and Good. Thank you all for sharing HIS Restoration work in India.

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