When You Don’t Sacrifice to the Gods on Time

After Ekagrah and his family became sick one by one, it became apparent the family was under spiritual oppression—and Ekagrah couldn’t find out why.Ekagrah, his wife and their four children live in a small, remote village.  They sacrificed a goat to their god every six months to receive blessings. Then Ekagrah’s father fell sick and died.

Why hadn’t the gods blessed the family and kept Ekagrah’s father alive? Other villagers said Ekagrah’s father had died because the family had failed to sacrifice their goat on time, so Ekagrah’s family started worshiping their deities more frequently.

But one day, while Ekagrah was working around the house, severe pain grabbed hold of his stomach. His wife took him to the hospital, and eventually he felt much better. The next day, his head started to hurt, and from that day on, he had trouble eating and drinking.

Soon it wasn’t just Ekagrah who was sick. His family members began to suffer from various ailments one after the other. It became apparent the family was under spiritual oppression—and Ekagrah couldn’t find out why.

The Conversation That Changed Their Lives

One day, Ekagrah met Rajit who told him Jesus can heal any sick person and give peace.

“If my gods and goddesses cannot heal me and give peace, then how come Jesus can heal and give us peace?” Ekagrah asked

“You don’t have to believe me,” Rajit responded, “but believe in Jesus. He is the Healer and peace giver.”

Ekagrah went back home and spent that night thinking about what he had heard.

In the morning, he went to Rajit and told him he wanted to come to church. So Rajit took Ekagrah, who had never set foot in church, to a worship service led by Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Manas.

From then on, Ekagrah attended service each week. The oppression, however, continued to disturb his family. One day, Ekagrah himself was attacked. When Pastor Manas heard about what happened, he immediately went and prayed for Ekagrah.

The Lord answered and set Ekagrah free from bondage.

Because of the miracle, Ekagrah and his family decided they would follow Jesus. The Lord has given peace to the family, and they’re grateful for His mercy.

As the family has shared with others about the God who offered Himself as their atoning sacrifice—and doesn’t require prompt sacrifices of their livestock—more than 20 other people have come to know Jesus too!

Today, they all continue to grow spiritually as part of Pastor Manas’s church.

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