Eyes Open to the Lord

Blind man healedDaha couldn’t work. Blind since birth, he was used to certain restrictions, but he tried to make the most of his life. He had taught himself how to play multiple instruments and how to sing, and through his talent, he earned enough to provide the basic needs for his family.

But a strong sense of misery still hung over him. That is when Daha met a Gospel for Asia (GFA) Women’s Fellowship team. They shared about the healing power of God, but Daha wasn’t willing to hear what they had to say. Respecting his wishes, the women left but kept him in their prayers. Later, they told Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Balaji about meeting the blind man hoping that Daha might be willing to hear about Jesus from another man.

Eventually, Pastor Balaji had the opportunity to meet Daha and begin a friendship. He often shared scriptures about the love God has for everyone. Through Pastor Balaji’s constant encouragement, the Holy Spirit began to work in Daha’s heart. Soon, Daha discovered the goodness of God and trusted in Him. Realizing God was Healer, he began praying, asking Jesus to give him sight.

Three months later, the Lord did a miracle: Daha received partial eyesight! After all this time, now he could literally see the Lord’s goodness. Daha rejoiced and praised God; he even went to the church to tell of how God had healed him.

Today, Daha faithfully attends church services led by Pastor Balaji.  He’s involved in every way he can be, so that he can get to know the Lord more intimately.

What’s more, as Daha’s family saw the great works the Lord did for him, they, too, were amazed and rejoiced. They go to church with Daha and now worship Jesus as Lord.

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