Four Toilets Help 29 Families

The convenience of a personal toilet is often taken for granted by millions around the world, while 20 percent of the world’s population must use unsanitary open spaces to relieve themselves.

In one village, the reality of having to walk at least a half-mile to an open field to use the bathroom was known all too well. No one had toilets in or near their homes, and because the surrounding land was used for farming, everyone used the same distant field to relieve themselves. Even though they traveled away from their homes, the distance did nothing to quarantine the wasteland brewing bacteria and disease that ultimately affected the people of the village, especially the children.

Their need was great—until Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Layak saw their plight. He requested four toilets to be constructed around the village.

The day the toilets were inaugurated brought much celebration. Now, 29 families have a sanitary solution for using the bathroom, and the villagers are beginning to understand God’s intimate care for their needs.

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