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Open for All - Gospel for Asia - KP Yohannan
“This church building is a house of prayer and a place of worship for everyone.”

“This church building is a house of prayer and a place of worship for everyone,” the pastor said.

His words astonished Mano.

Mano had expected conflict, but instead, he was met with kindness. The church building was “for everyone.” The inclusive words softened his heart.

Change of Heart

For many years Mano was strongly against Christianity. He often planned to threaten and attack any pastors or missionaries who might try to share their faith with the people in his village—that included Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Jakim.

When Mano heard of a church being constructed near his house, he became alarmed. Mano approached Pastor Jakim and firmly questioned why he was building a church, and who were the people helping him.

Pastor Jakim replied gently, “You can also come and pray to Jesus. It is open to all people.”

The tension in Mano’s heart melted away as hope welled up inside.

Glimmer of Hope

Mano’s troubles had consumed his life. It seemed no matter how hard he worked; he could never make enough money to provide for his family. He didn’t even have enough to send his son Kadri, who had been suffering for six years from an unexplained illness, to the hospital. It grieved him to see Kadri so sick, but he was completely powerless to help him.

Seeing the love and reception that Pastor Jakim displayed inspired Mano to ask him to pray for his son’s healing. He knew that this man truly cared.

Testimony of Healing

Pastor Jakim visited Mano’s home and fully explained the great love and healing that Christ has to offer, and he shared Scriptures about Jesus healing the sick. Jakim prayed for Kadri earnestly and encouraged Mano to the Lord. By God’s faithfulness and grace, Kadri was healed! Because of the testimony of Kadri’s healing, Mano and his wife understood the love of the Lord.

Discovering God’s love through a church building, open “for everyone,” changed Mano’s life. The beauty of Christ was revealed to him as he witnessed that Jesus had come to save all, and everyone is welcome to embrace His love. The church building now stands as a place of worship and prayer open to all who pass by. Mano and his family now worship the Lord together in the church that he once opposed.


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  1. Ira

    I thank the LORD for making it possible to the GFA to build new churches for believers in remote places.

  2. Ernie

    Doesn’t this prove that the love of Christ can overcome all hate and opposition! Also, for physical healing! My prayer:
    “Lord, continue to bless GFA national missionaries and pastors to be strong in faith and endure opposition that thy Kingdom may advance in all of Asia! I ask in Jesus Name. Amen”

  3. Steven

    To God be all the glory it’s a beautiful thing to watch God change a heart that was against Him and His words.God is so faithful and He is also Great and Greatly to be praised

  4. Steven

    God is so amazing that even when we have hatred in our heart for Him He loves us for I truly love Him thankful for the burden that everyone of you have for the people of Asia

  5. Ann

    Praise God, that the message of His great love for all the world – demonstrated in Jesus, our Saviour – can still be sent. How encouraging to read of Jesus’ life-changing, restoring power for soul and body!

  6. lloyd

    I am so encouraged to hear how the God and Father of Jesus, the God who has declared that “I Am ” is the name that He will be known by for all generations, this God that GFA pastors faithfully proclaim, this God is working in the world to redeem his creation.

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