Alone No More

When Durjaya left for work one morning more than 20 years ago, Sahoj never expected it would be the last time she’d see her husband alive. Along with his regular job, Durjaya often trekked into the forest to collect firewood to support his family. It was one of these times, as he and two men were loading the wood onto […] Read more »

Paper and Perseverance

Sanchali held high standards for herself. Though difficulties abounded from a life full of poverty, the young girl was determined to rise above them. Sanchali’s father worked hard selling firewood to provide for his family every day. Karan and his wife raised five children, four of whom were grown and married and lived with their own families. Only Karan, his […] Read more »

Love Found in a Well

In the midst of farmlands lies a little village. A Jesus Well stands in the distance, pouring out fresh water, free to all who pass by. It wasn’t always like this. Water pumps scattered here and there along the roadway were unreliable and scarce. The people in the village suffered for 12 years from water shortages. They moaned under this […] Read more »

The Testimony of Humble Passion

Even through the hardness of her heart, Dayaa noticed the humble passion of the Christians. Peace seemed a stranger to her as she started to ponder the consistency and genuine love they offered her despite her anger. She felt guilty for treating the pastor and missionaries so poorly. Her eyes began to open as the words they had been speaking […] Read more »