The Testimony of Humble Passion

The Testimony of Humble Passion

Even through the hardness of her heart, Dayaa noticed the humble passion of the Christians. Peace seemed a stranger to her as she started to ponder the consistent and genuine love, they offered her despite her anger. She felt guilty for treating the pastor and missionaries so poorly. Her eyes began to open as the words they had been speaking to her for a year sunk deep within her heart.

Dayaa’s Harsh Opposition Against Christianity

Dayaa had long been opposed to Christianity, even though her husband Labid was a believer. While he was still a young boy, Labid found the love of Christ, but when his family heard about his new faith, they chased Labid out of their home. A few years later, he married Dayaa, and together they moved to their own house separate from his family.

Although her husband wanted to go to church, Dayaa fervently resisted him and became angry whenever he wanted to go, so Labid stayed home. When the pastor of her village visited their house, anger crept inside Dayaa and she pointedly ordered him out of her home. Her temper and harsh words didn’t deter Pastor Gihan from sharing God’s love with Dayaa and her husband and encouraging them with Scripture. The congregation and Gospel for Asia (GFA) Pastor Gihan prayed earnestly for Dayaa to realize the love of the Savior.

Their Testimony Brought Her Hope

Over time Dayaa realized the Christians were committed to the Lord and honestly loved her. Their humility gave her a sense of security as she realized Christ is a God of love and peace. In sorrow she went to Pastor Gihan and explained how she felt guilty for the harsh way she treated him. Dayaa said she had learned through their example and received the hope found in Christ.

Dayaa and Labid now attend church together. Through the faithful prayers of the church and through Pastor Gihan’s commitment and love, Christ revealed Himself to Dayaa, and she now claims His love for her own life.

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