He Answers Our Prayers

He answers Our Prayers In a feverish voice, Tina called out to her parents.
“Please pray for me to the Lord so I may get cured,” she said.
Her parents had been doing everything they could to help their only daughter. They offered many sacrifices to their gods and goddesses, but their precious girl was slipping away from them. In the midst of her fierce sickness, Tina’s thoughts brought her back to the God who answers prayers.

Remembering Answered Prayer

Tina suffered from malnutrition. The contamination of the water, lack of proper diet and an unclean environment opened the door for many sicknesses to rage inside her feeble little frame. Tina had recently been enrolled in a Bridge of Hope center when the first signs of malaria appeared.

As sickness stormed in her body, Tina looked back on all she had learned at the center. She remembered the times spent in prayer with the Bridge of Hope staff and the heart they had for their God. Whenever they had a need, He answered their prayers. So she asked her parents to pray. They whispered to each other. “What can she mean by prayer, and how can it be?”

“At the center,” Tina replied, “whenever we start something and whenever we are in need, we pray for God’s help and His blessings, and He answers our prayers.”

In desperation, Tina’s father rushed to the Bridge of Hope center. He told the staff of Tina’s struggle to stay alive and of her plea for prayer. Jagir, the center coordinator, and his family hastily made their way to Tina’s home.

Jagir raised his voice in prayer for the little girl and her family. He encouraged them with the hope that Christ gives. As one of the village’s physicians, he also started visiting their home twice a day to give them medical instructions. His testimony and faithfulness comforted the family, and they began to have faith that God would heal Tina.

Faith and Healing

Tina grew stronger by the day, as did the family’s hope in Jesus. They began to join the worship services in the local fellowship and are now a weekly fixture, participating in all the activities the fellowship puts on.
Tina’s simple trust and the power of answered prayer given by a gracious Lord transformed an entire family and brought them hope!

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