‘I Am With You Always’

Sad looking widowThere are times in our lives when we can feel alone and hopeless. For Lalita, that time came after her husband died, leaving her stranded with two small children. But into her helpless situation, God provided shelter for her family, education for her children and a special message of comfort for her alone.

Love Reaches Out

Lalita struggled after her husband’s premature death. She missed him, and his absence left her unable to provide enough food for her children or funds for their school supplies and education. Hearing of Lalita’s plight, a close relative, Ramesh, opened his home for her and her boys to stay.

Ramesh and his young daughter, Kapila, believed in Jesus. After welcoming Lalita into their home, they told her about the eternal love of Christ.

“Our God is living, and in Him everything is possible,” they would say, not realizing how God would confirm their statements about Him.

Burdened by her sorrow, Lalita didn’t want to listen to them. But she soon started hearing of God’s love in other ways.

Many times, as Lalita reflected on her husband’s death or contemplated the challenges of trying to feed and educate her boys, she heard a Voice calling her.

“My daughter, I am with you always. Cast your burdens unto Me, as I care for you.”

A Child of God

In the meantime, Lalita discovered Kapila went to a local Gospel for Asia (GFA) Bridge of Hope center, where she received a good education and a nutritious meal every day. It didn’t take long before Lalita went to the center’s coordinator to ask if they would enroll her oldest son, Dinar, as well.

Dinar arrived at the center in shabby clothing, dirty and weak. He didn’t interact with the other students, and he didn’t know how to read, write or study.

Life was a mixed bag of challenges and blessings for Lalita. She had shelter, food and a school to send her son to, but sorrow plagued her heart. Into her sadness, she continued to hear a voice gently wooing her spirit. “My daughter,” He would speak into her tears, and one day she could resist His love no longer. Lalita became a true child of the Living God.

Blessings Flow

As Dinar continued his education at the Bridge of Hope center, his health improved, and he started enjoying the company of the other children in the center. He is doing well in his studies and has become an example, a source of encouragement and a blessing to the other boys and girls. Young Dinar would like to be a teacher someday.

Today, Lalita overflows with joy.

“I am very grateful to our Almighty God, the Bridge of Hope center and the sponsor who has been a great source of encouragement for my child and for his future life,” she shares.

Now, a life once filled with despair rejoices in the God who is with us always.


Zahira, a Bridge of Hope graduate, came to the center directly from the streets. Today, she helps tutor children in the Bridge of Hope center she graduated from.

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