Sewing Machine Unlocks Survival

Sewing Machine Unlocks SurvivalThe hum of the sewing machines filled the tailoring shop where Jash worked. Even though that sound meant work, which meant income, which should’ve meant being able to provide for his family, Jash knew the money he earned was barely paying for his family’s housing fees and the transportation for his job. Though Jash worked hard, his employer never offered him a raise.

Jash wanted to buy a sewing machine of his own and start a tailoring shop near his village, but the meager wages he earned did not provide nearly enough to reach this ambitious goal.

Working As a Mason, Barely Scraping By

Years before, Jash had moved his wife and three children to a small rented room in the city. By working as a mason, he hoped to make a better living. But even after several years, his efforts seemed fruitless. Jash couldn’t get his family out of poverty.

While working one day, Jash met an old friend who was a professional tailor. His friend encouraged him to pursue a tailoring job. Fully convinced that it would make a difference, Jash allowed his friend to teach him the trade.

As usual for Jash, he worked hard and learned sewing quickly and well. He started working in a tailoring shop that was nearly six miles away. Even though everything seemed to be looking up, the cost of commuting drained some of Jash’s precious income. Making only around $2.50 a day, he was barely scraping together enough to take care of his family’s needs. He longed to start his own business, but every penny he thought might be saved was spent.

During this time, local Bridge of Hope staff came to Jash’s village. They noticed Jash’s children playing outside with tattered clothing. After hearing about their situation, they enrolled the children in the program. Meanwhile, they sought to help Jash.

The Gift That Changed Their Lives

When it came time for a Christmas gift distribution, the Bridge of Hope staff requested a sewing machine for Jash. With his new machine, Jash started a tailoring shop. He is now a well-known tailor in his village and is earning twice as much as he did before! When there are festivals in the city, his business picks up more, sometimes earning up to $15 a day, a stark contrast to the meager $2.50 he had earned previously.

Jash is thankful for the hope the new machine has brought to his family’s future—and he’s learning more about the Lord who loves him.

Find out how one act of kindness brought the hope of Christ to a family in need.

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