When Others Gave Her a Death Sentence

God uses Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries to share His love with many people in desperate need of healing. Kanta is alive today and bringing glory to Jesus, but only a few years ago, she was just counting the number of days she had left on earth.

When Kanta lost her husband, she and her three children moved in with her sister and brother-in-law. Unlike many widows in Asia, she received help and care from her relatives, but Kanta’s family members couldn’t fix her problem when she began feeling weak.

Her brother-in-law took her to a doctor, where she received a devastating diagnosis: She had tuberculosis. Each day, the disease took an increasingly greater toll on her body. When Kanta’s brother-in-law took her to witch doctors and medical doctors for treatment, they couldn’t help her. Eventually, tuberculosis confined Kanta to her bed, and the doctors and witch doctors said nobody would be able to heal her because she was in the last stages of life. After battling the disease for four years, Kanta lay defeated, waiting for death.

Healing Leaves Many Astonished

Then a neighbor told Kanta’s family about a pastor who would come and pray for her. Kanta’s brother-in-law got the contact information for Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Falak Sayed and invited him to their home. Hearing of the need for prayer, Pastor Falak immediately traveled more than three miles to Kanta’s home and prayed for her. A few minutes after his prayer, the family looked in surprise as Kanta abruptly became alert. Pastor Falak told Kanta and her family of Jesus’ love and shared the story of how Christ raised Lazarus from the dead, assuring Kanta Jesus could heal her.

The next day, Pastor Falak came and prayed for her again. Suddenly, Kanta awoke and started to praise God, proclaiming her faith in Jesus. She was healed! Seeing this miracle, Kanta’s family believed in Jesus too.

Soon, word of the miracle spread to relatives and surrounding communities. Many people are amazed by the Lord’s work in Kanta’s life and are now seeking Jesus. Kanta and some of her family members have decided to walk with Him, and now 15 people are gathering together in her village on Sundays to worship the Lord.

Because a pastor was available to visit Kanta’s home when she needed hope, the light of Christ is now shining in a village where no one had known the Lord before.

Like Kanta, Gunita had no hope for healing until believers prayed for her.

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  1. Christina

    Amazing! Praise God! 🙂

  2. slimane

    glory to God!

  3. m r

    Oh LORD, You are a wonder

  4. Malvina

    Only God can do miracles, “For nothing is impossible with God”.

  5. Peace

    Jesus the healer

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