Gift Distribution Blesses More than 200 Lives

Imani, a pastor's widow, was one of more than 200 who received Christmas gifts at a Gospel for Asia-supported gift distribution event.
Imani receives her new weaving loom.

As Navin sat in the meeting, he kept looking at the clock. It was nearing 11 a.m.

Navin’s superior, who had called the meeting, noticed how restless and distracted Navin was. He asked what was going on.

Navin told him he was scheduled to be a guest at a program organized by a church.

Navin’s superior smiled. “Even on weekdays you have a church program?” he said.

He released Navin to go to the long-awaited program: a Christmas gift distribution organized by Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastors. The Christmas gift distribution was an opportunity for many people to receive gifts that would help them survive and build a brighter future for their families.

Grateful Families Encouraged and Supported

Hundreds of eyes watched attentively as Navin and a few other guests shared some thoughts with the audience.

“I see that this is one church that the Lord is really using,” Navin said. “I am touched by the love and concern that the church has for the poor people. … Therefore I appeal to all those beneficiaries not to take their gift for granted, but to know the One who has blessed them with a gift through this church. This church is just a means of God to show them that He loves and cares for them.”

Smiles brightened the crowd as Navin helped 211 people receive gifts—gifts that not only inspired the hope of being able to better care for their families but also filled their hearts with gratitude to the Lord.

Imani, a gift recipient, had recently lost her husband, who was a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor. Her heart filled with sorrow, and her mind wondered how she would care for her son alone. The gift of a weaving loom showed her how the Lord and His Church had not forgotten her.

“I was thinking, What will happen to me and my son? when my husband left us on this earth alone,” Imani said. “Today I felt sad, as I missed my husband, but at the same time I count myself blessed and thank the leaders for not forgetting me and for giving me a gift by which I can look after my son and look after my family needs. I am truly encouraged by your love.”

Sashreek, another recipient, received tin roofing sheets for his family.

“Being a mere farmer, it is difficult for me to buy [tin roofing] sheets for my house,” he said. “But through this church, I got this gift, and I am overjoyed. I have no words to thank them enough. … The Lord has answered [my prayer] in a way which I never expected. I cannot thank the Lord enough for His manifold blessings.”

Julita received piglets.

“When I got the news that I would be receiving piglets so that I will have the means to earn my living and look after the needs of the family, tears of joy flooded [my eyes], and a great excitement was there,” Julita said. “I thank this church for their love toward the poor. I am truly encouraged and strengthened by their genuine love and concern for us.”

Lives Changed Through Grace Alone

Through the Christmas gift distribution, Julita, Sashreek, Imani and their families got to experience the joy of seeing God’s love and provision, and Navin got to take part in blessing more than 200 people.

Hundreds of thousands of lives have been impacted by gifts given through Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Gift Catalog, but true transformation will continue to happen only through God’s grace. Please join us in prayer for Christmas gift distributions.

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  1. pamela

    I always have you in my prayers. I am a single mom so I do not have money to donate now. I will when my finances improve. God bless you for all you do.

  2. Jane

    It is good to hear about individuals as I send money for gifts each year that I have supported a child and missionary. I am so happy to see God’s love spread across so many people.
    May God continue to blessyour work.

  3. Danny

    Thank you for the tremendous ministry you have been doing. We spent 22 yrs. in Ecuador as missionaries
    and the Lord blessed us very much and souls were saved. We remember you in our prayers!

    Due to old age and my wife’s fall, we are now living in a Senior Residence. God bless you all.

  4. Marisela

    So blessed to see results on donation, put to work, I’m so happy to see these brother’s & Sisters being blessed and years of joy come I’m a widow, & single mom of two! I help with only $20.00 as I’m able to, but promised the Lord to help me with social security benefits claim & I’ll give more to this ministry ! Praying for Gfa

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