The Joy of Christmas Changes Witch Doctor’s Life

Christmas celebrations are one of the many ways people in Asia end up hearing about Christ and attending church.For more than two years, Bishr had been working as a witch doctor. People from various villages came to him to be healed of minor ailments such as headaches or stomach pain. Bishr also made and sold local wine. Business was going well, and even though his wife suffered from back pain sometimes, their home life was peaceful.

But one day, when Bishr attended a Christmas celebration, he discovered a joy he didn’t know he’d been missing.

From Christmas Carols to a Redeemed Life

Bishr had heard his nephew Kishore, a believer, share about hope of Jesus before, but Bishr wasn’t interested in walking with Jesus.

Then, one December, Kishore asked believers from his church to come sing Christmas carols at his home. Bishr also went to the event. The songs the believers sang about Jesus, and seeing their good conduct and the fellowship they and Kishore shared, warmed Bishr’s heart. In fact, the love of Christ so impacted him that he said he wanted to leave behind his witchcraft and know Jesus.

Kishore, full of excitement, encouraged his uncle to come to church. A few months later, Bishr visited the church, which is pastored by a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported missionary. Bishr and his wife both made a decision that day to walk with Jesus.

Just as he said, Bishr stopped practicing witchcraft and making wine. Now, when people come to Bishr for witchcraft, he shares of Christ’s love and encourages them to trust in Jesus. In addition to changing the hearts of Bishr and his wife, the Lord has even healed Bishr’s wife of her back pain! Bishr regularly worships with other believers, grateful the Lord has given him a redeemed life.

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  1. jim

    Praise the Lord Jesus!

  2. Sandi

    I wonder if Bishr would become a Christian medical doctor? I would think part of being a witch doctor would require him to know the different parts of the body. If so, he’s got part of his training done right there. He could be a Gospel For Asia sponsored doctor.

  3. Margaret

    God is so good! Praise His holy name!

  4. Terez

    So happy to hear that the worship, the good conduct of Christians and their fellowship would lead a thirsting life to Christ! Praise be to the Lord Jesus-Christ!

  5. Jukka-Pekka

    What a testimony of the importance of our Christmas celebrations!
    The Light of Jesus has truly overcome the darkness of this world!

  6. gale

    I was wondering the same thing. I want him to have a way of making a living and sharing Christ to others.

  7. Pastor Chisenga

    What an amazing testimony!
    We give all the glory to the Lord Jesus.

  8. Lena wiggins

    Praise be to God!

  9. Tewana

    Beautiful, bless God for His tender mercies toward us. Thank God for salvation f this soul

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