Through Gospel for Asia's Bridge of Hope program, Asha has received a good education.

The Child Who Didn’t Get Married

Asha didn’t see the purpose in going to school. She thought it was just a waste of time—so did her parents. Asha knew she’d likely be married soon after she turned 10, like many girls in her community. Her life thereafter would be devoted to household chores and taking care of her family. What was the point in learning to […] Read more »

BioSand water filters help lower hospital bills by giving people clean, disease-free water.

Dirty Water and Hospital Bills

Kalyan watched as the two Gospel for Asia-supported pastors cleaned and inspected his BioSand water filter. The precious gift Kalyan had received only two years earlier changed his family’s life. Filtered Through a Mustard Oil Tin Dysentery, jaundice and diarrhea: Kalyan’s family used to suffer from these and other waterborne diseases often. The bacteria-filled water they used for their daily […] Read more »

After 20 years, this congregation was blessed with a permanent church building.

Congregation Receives Permanent Church Building After 20 Years

In 1994, when a Christian family in South Asia began living in a village of more than 100 families, a church soon started to flourish—even though there was no pastor or church building. This Christian family’s love for Jesus and Christlike example made an impact on many of their new neighbors. Two other families in the village, who had previously […] Read more »

In South Asia, VBS helps introduce the Savior's love to children who may never have heard about Jesus before.

More than 800 Kids Learn About the True Hero at VBS

In the U.S., March might seem a little early to start thinking about Vacation Bible School. In South Asia, churches led by Gospel for Asia-supported pastors often hold VBS programs in March and April, but VBS can happen any time of year. Last year, in one region, 26 churches led by Gospel for Asia-supported pastors held Vacation Bible School programs […] Read more »

Woman finds new hope

‘I Will Never Leave My Jesus’

One woman named Saparna shares how God healed her from a life-threatening disease when the gods her family adored couldn’t bring her relief. I am Saparna. I am 35 years old. … I have a husband and four children. … I and my husband take care of the family through farming. Since I grew up in a [religious] family, I […] Read more »

God often touches children's hearts through Vacation Bible School

VBS Touches the Heart of Teenage Rebel

Twenty children gathered for Vacation Bible School. Pastor Emet had planned many fun and educational activities for them, including action songs, teaching sessions and Scripture memory lessons. The pastor opened by praying for the Lord’s blessing over the three-day event. Fifteen-year-old Nirmanyu was one of the children in attendance, but he didn’t expect to get much out of what Pastor […] Read more »

Slum Fire Victims Receive Materials to Rebuild

Slum Fire Victims Receive Materials to Rebuild

On Dec. 7, a massive fire broke out in a South Asian slum, destroying nearly 2,000 shanties—12 of which belonged to believers and 16 to the families of Bridge of Hope students. The fire began after a cylinder holding liquid petroleum gas exploded. The flames spread rapidly as cylinder after cylinder added fuel to the blaze. The local fire department […] Read more »