Bridge of Hope helps poor boy receive education

Timid Boy Now Aspires to Serve His Country

If you had met Ratan 11 years ago, you would have seen a skinny 5-year-old boy who had no friends. He would likely have been too shy to speak to you. You might have even noticed a slight scowl on his forehead indicating the headaches, fever and joint pain his young body frequently suffered. If the rest of Ratan’s life […] Read more »

Believers helped this poor widow

Finding Her Value

Lajja once lived alone in unrest. She looked for any value in her life, instead finding only bleakness and misery. But if you talked to Lajja today, she would tell you she is a precious child of God and is loved both in heaven and on earth. Her eyes might even sparkle! Widow Struggles Alone Lajja’s four children were in […] Read more »

Sisters of Compassion serve widows in Asia

Showing Love Through Scissors, Soap and Mud Floors

When Anhithi and Yuktha, two Gospel for Asia-supported Sisters of Compassion, felt burdened to minister to the needy people in their nation, they determined to show love through any opportunity that came their way. One day, it meant helping 101-year-old Unami tidy her appearance and clean her time-worn body, and helping Rakhi, another elderly widow, level the uneven floor of […] Read more »

Rickshaws help break the cycle of poverty

Wheels that Broke the Cycle of Poverty

Prabhal’s bicycle rickshaw will probably never be called “sporty.” There’s nothing exotic about it—no shiny chrome, no eye-catching leather interior. But this functional vehicle means the world to Prabhal because he no longer worries about how to feed his family. Hardworking Father Struggles to Provide Prabhal loved the Lord and strove to care for the family God entrusted to him, […] Read more »

Widow earns an income through sewing machine.

After Five Years of Watching

Vasanti has been a witness to many things over her 70 years of life, especially in regard to her daughter, Rupashi. She listened as Rupashi spoke her first words. She watched Rupashi grow into a young woman, and she watched her enter into a new life with a husband. She watched her grandson, Manesh, grow into a little man. But […] Read more »

What the Herdsman Heard

Dhiman hardly noticed the cows grazing nearby as he listened intently to the words penetrating the quietness of the jungle. While searching for the normal secular programming he usually listened to on his radio, Dhiman stumbled upon an unfamiliar broadcast—one that touched him deeper than other programs or entertaining songs he normally enjoyed. He had never heard this broadcast before, […] Read more »