Stitching Together a New Life with Jesus

Kavana, a 22-year-old in Asia, shares her story of God’s faithfulness in her life. “When I was 16 years old, suddenly my father passed away. After that, my mother and I became helpless. We had no work to earn money and meet our needs. “As the days went by, the condition at home went from bad to worse. My mother […] Read more »

One Film, Two Different Reactions

Stern faces surrounded the film team. Anger stifled the air. Outrageous, harsh warnings were shouted at the missionaries—a stark contrast to the beauty and hushed awe the film had brought to the rest of the crowd that had gathered. “Why are you showing the film here?” the young men shouted. “You are not allowed to screen here. Leave this place […] Read more »

Drinking from the Smelly Pond

Can you imagine living in a land where there is no proper source of water? What would you do? How would you gather enough water for your needs? Tasks like washing dishes, bathing, cooking and simply drinking water would become a problem you’d have to face every day. This is reality for the men and women in one Asian village. […] Read more »

Boy and uncle find God's love

An Uncle’s Life-saving Love

Dhiraj tried to hush his upset wife, concerned her harsh words would reach his nephew’s ears, but she would not be hushed. She urged him to dump their nephew, 8-year-old Mani, at some faraway place so they would not need to care for him anymore. But Mani was weak and frail; missing just one day of his medication affected his […] Read more »

Boy finds heart of gratitude

Bitterness Becomes Gratitude

Dirty, tattered clothes hung loosely over Kaling’s malnourished frame—poverty’s mark marred his appearance in many ways. Yet Kaling felt even more forlorn on the inside than he looked outwardly: Bitterness and insecurity churned in his young heart. Death took his father when Kaling was only 5 years old. With no father, the burden of providing for the family fell heavily […] Read more »