Widows Trade Their Sorrows for Joy

Mahiya found herself sitting inside a church building, surrounded by a huge crowd of people worshiping Jesus. Something stirred within her pursuing heart. Ever since her husband’s death, she was seeking an answer to her turmoil—maybe this was the answer she was searching for? Maybe this would stop her worrying about her fatherless children? Maybe here she could find hope […] Read more »

The Sound of Healing

Talika was partially deaf. She could barely make out anything of the Bible stories her teachers shared during a GFA-supported Vacation Bible School. But somehow, though she couldn’t hear the majority of what was being said, she felt the joy of Jesus through the activities she and many other children participated in. Answered Prayer Fading Her Gloom Talika and her […] Read more »

Village Doctor Meets the Healer

Being the closest thing to a doctor that his village had, Aarav traveled from place to place giving medicine to his patients. There were always people in need of some remedy to cure their ailing health. But when Aarav began to have pain in his right hand, he had no medicine that could ease the discomfort. Aarav sought treatment from […] Read more »

Rabbits Provide Groceries

Around 50 families gathered. Tattered clothes and the effects of a hard life marred their appearances. For most, poverty was all they knew and all they imagined their lives would look like. But today would mark a change, a new beginning. The means to ease the sting of want and hunger of each family came as a gift in the […] Read more »