Discovering the God Who Cares About Bug Bites

When Pastor Akshay saw Lavenia’s living condition (pictured), he was heartbroken and prayed for an opportunity to help this family in great need.

Flies and mosquitoes buzzed around sleeping bodies. The stagnant water near Lavenia’s communal hut provided a prime breeding ground for insects. In the morning the sleepers awoke to find their hair and clothes askew from the night’s rest and new, irritating bug bites forming on their unwashed skin.

Poverty-stricken Widow

Lavenia was a widow. After her husband died, she and her children continued to live with his family members. They were all very poor—every day was a struggle to merely survive. Lavenia couldn’t send her two small children to school. While she worked in the ponds catching fish, her children ran free.

Beyond the poverty they faced, Lavenia and her in-laws didn’t know God desperately loved them. Though they followed their traditional religion, He was pursuing their hearts.

Answered Prayer of the Heart

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Akshay walked by Lavenia’s hut every day. He watched Lavenia’s children playing in ragged clothes by the roadside, and his heart broke over their squalid living conditions. As he passed by, he often prayed in his heart that the Lord would provide a chance for him to show the love of Christ to this desperate family.

After many such days of observing the family’s need, Pastor Akshay and one of Lavenia’s family members struck up a conversation together. From then on, Pastor Akshay, and sometimes his wife, would stop to visit whenever they passed by. In time, their friendship blossomed and the family members had many questions about Jesus. They were curious about this God who loved people so sacrificially. Perhaps He was who their hearts needed.

Mosquito Nets and Hope

Pastor Akshay loved this family, and he wanted to help them practically too. He knew how difficult it was for them to sleep at night because of the annoying mosquitoes. Soon Pastor Akshay arranged a mosquito net distribution at his church. As Pastor Akshay handed Lavenia and her family mosquito nets of their own, they were deeply touched. It meant they could rest well and be stronger for work. It spared them from disease and potential medical costs and gave them a sense of dignity.

Realizing how much he really cared about them, they opened up even more to Pastor Akshay and asked him to pray for their sick children.

Now, together as a family, they sing and pray to Jesus with joyful hearts and healthier bodies. By seeing all Jesus had done for Lavenia and her family, some neighbors became interested in this God who loves and cares so much that not even one mosquito bite goes unnoticed!

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Pastor Akshay (pictured) spent time with Lavenia’s family and helped meet some of their needs. Through this love and compassion, they found life in Christ!

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    God cares about every areas of our lives. Praise God Almighty

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    I am always praying for all the countries, and their people. Amen

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    I pray god for a supernatural blessing ,so i will able to give to the work of god through this ministry.

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