Two-year-old Left to Die

Tears of compassion rolled down Dayalu’s face. He saw her. The skinny, frail body of a little girl, no more than 2 years old, sitting alone near a thorny bush. Ants covered her. She cried out in pain as they bit her innocent, little face. Swooping her up in his fatherly arms, Dayalu took her home with him. She was […] Read more »

Asian Child Laborer

Young Child Laborer Finds New Life

It burned. Ashmita hurled her exhausted young body into the kitchen. Her eyes stung as she cried out in agony. Chili powder washed off her small cheeks in a red stream as she anxiously tried to recover from the new form of abuse. But the pain in her eyes couldn’t compare to the pain and confusion found in her young, […] Read more »

The Testimony of a Rejected Daughter

Pallavini is a young woman who is devoted to following and serving Christ. Below is the testimony of how God used a GFA-supported radio program to touch her life. “One day, while I was tuning the radio, my ears stuck to one program that was being aired . . . It was the [GFA-supported] radio program. The whole experience of […] Read more »

A Life-changing Film

“I have never seen such a . . . film. I could see how much Jesus loves the people [how He even] died on the cross to redeem us from our sins.”—a villager who had just seen a film on the life of Christ. Along the back roads of a remote village in Asia, scenes of love engraved themselves on […] Read more »

Finding Life in the Aftershocks

Barun’s life was in ruins long before the earthquake ever struck his country of Nepal on April 25, 2015. When he was younger, his mother died and his father got remarried to a woman who treated him harshly. Because of the ill treatment, he never finished his studies. When Barun married, he and his wife moved away to avoid the […] Read more »